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Castle Composites has been manufacturing Promenade Tiles for 12 years but the combined experience of the Management Team in concrete manufacture is over 120 years. This in depth knowledge covers every aspect of making the highest quality concrete products for the Construction Industry and is reflected in the fact that Castle Composites is the only Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Promenade Tile manufacturer with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Assessed and Certified by Independent European Certification Limited.

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Promenade Tiles

Promenade Tile Data and Safety Sheet

Promenade Tile Guide To Laying

Promenade Tile Brochure

PU Adhesive

2265 PU Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

PU Adhesive Instructions

2435 Rubber Tile PU Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

Promenade Slabs

Promenade Slab Data and Safety Sheet

Promenade Slab Guide To Laying

Castleflex Rubber Promenade Tiles

Technical Data & Guide To Laying

Grassflex Rubber Tiles

Technical Data

Roofway Rubber Tiles

Roofway Technical Data Sheeet

Extra 20 Porcelain Stoneware

Technical Data Sheet

Guide To Laying

Porcelain Elite

Technical Data & Safety Sheet


Promseal Instructions

Promseal Technical Data Sheet

Promseal Safety Data Sheet


Promclean Instructions

Soft Shims

Soft Shim Instructions

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