The Next Generation Promenade Tile

Castle Composites Ltd are please to announce that the next generation of promenade tile for flat roofs and balconies is now available. Manufactured from a combination of high quality porcelain and glass fibre reinforced concrete, Porcelain Elite provides the tested strength and requirements to be either loose laid on our supports (Aslon Supports Recommended) or bonded directly to the waterproofing using our XP 2265 PU adhesive.

At only 20mm thick Porcelain Elite can accommodate very low threshold areas and impose a load of only 44kg per m2. As porcelain is 99.9% non porous it requires very little maintenance as any dirt can only sit on top of the tile. Porcelain Elite is also resistant to staining from dirt, debris, chemicals and most household goods. Our porcelain is also UV stable so you can be sure that the colour will stay as beautiful as the first day they were installed.

When laying the tiles on supports we recommend using our Aslon rubber support system. Open edges where no edge restraint exists can easily be overcome by following the instructions within the Alson Supports pdf guide.

Installation can also be completed by bonding the tiles directly to the waterproofing membrane. The same instructions for our standard GRC tiles should be be followed as per the pdf guide to laying with adhesive .

All four tiles within the range have been slip resistance tested as per DIN 51130-51097 and provide a luxurious natural finish.

We offer free samples to confirm the colour and quality of the Porcelain Elite range. Porcelain Elite is also covered by a 10 year manufactures guarantee. Terms and conditions available upon request.

Although Porcelain Elite is a very high quality product they are cost effective in comparison with other porcelain products on the market. Meaning you can have all the quality, aesthetics and benefits at a more reasonable rate.

All Porcelain Elite are 300 x 300 x 20mm.

     Mica Stone             Coral Stone          Dark Quartz Stone

Golden Stone            Lithos Stone

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Underside
Installation Using XP2265 Adhesive
Installation On Alson Rubber Supports

Why Choose Porcelain Elite

Porcelain Vs Ceramic

The main differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles are as follows. Porcelain tiles are manufactured from far more refined and purified materials meaning they are stronger, more durable and less porous than ceramic.
Porcelain tiles are coloured all the way through rather than having only a top surface of colour. This means that the porcelain stoneware is more stain resistant than ceramic.
Lastly ceramic tiles can be a problem in outdoor applications. They are often not strong or durable enough for outdoor application and can crack and break up during freezing conditions. As our porcelain tiles are manufactured with fine materials that are fired and pressed they are very strong and dense meaning they are frost resistant and durable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Porcelain Vs Natural Stone

Natural Stone offers a varied and aesthetically pleasing surface finish. However it does come with some draw backs in comparison to our porcelain stoneware.
We have created several porcelain tiles to mimic the variation in colour and texture of natural stone without any of the draw backs.
Natural stone being a natural material has varied levels of porosity. Meaning that each stone will absorb different levels of moisture and may need cleaning or sealing. As our range of porcelain tiles are virtually non porous only basic sweeping and removal of loose debris such as leaves and dirt is required.
In most cases porcelain is lighter per m2 than natural stone. This offers time and safety benefits when laying the product.

Porcelain Vs Wood Decking

Wood decking isn very popular however it can become very slippery in wet conditions and in most cases requires regular cleaning and staining which can be costly and time consuming.
As our porcelain tiles are slip resistance tested you can be sure that you will have a suitable walking surface in both wet and dry conditions. Full details of test results can be found within.
Our porcelain stoneware have a water absorption rate of less than 0.1% meaning they are very resistant to staining from dirt, debris, chemicals and most household goods. Due to the very low porosity they will not require sealerís or like during their lifetime on your application.

Porcelain Vs Concrete

Although most concrete paverís and tiles are suitable for outdoor applications there are several advantages to be considered with Elite Porcelain Tiles.
For aesthetic reasons very few concrete products are used both indoors and outdoors. With our Porcelain Stoneware you can match the flooring on your indoor and outdoor areas for maximum effect.
As concrete is a more porous material than porcelain, the stoneware will be less susceptible to staining and algae growth and as they are virtually non porous they need little or no maintenance.

Technical Information

Composition: Manufactured from a combination of high quality porcelain and glass fibre reinforced concrete.

Dimensions: 298 x 298 x 20mm approx

Weight: 4kg per tile - 44 kg per m2 approx.

Slip Resistance
Coral Stone : R11 A+B
Mica Stone : R10 A
Golden Stone: R11 A+B+C
Dark Quartz Stone: R11 A+B+C
Lithos Stone : R11 A+B

Porcelain Top Porosity : 0.05% as per ISO 1054-3

Thermal Shock & Frost Resistance : Resistant as per ISO 10545-12 & ISO 10545-9

Golden Stone

Coral Stone

Mica Stone

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