Interlocking Rubber Promenade Tiles

Castleflex Interlocking Rubber Promenade tiles are manufactured from recycled SBR and are available in 500 x 500mm size. Castleflex tiles can be used on balconies, flat roofs, walkways and many other applications.

Castleflex tiles are available in 500 x 500 x 30 mm as standard and are supplied with interlocking pins for laying. When the tiles are laid in a brick bond formation with the interlocking pins they form a large mat meaning they only need to be adhered to the surface around the outside edges where an up stand does not exist. This reduces adhesive requirements but still allows easy inspection of the surface underneath if required.

EPDM topped and a variety of thicker tiles are also available where required. Please call for more information.

Premium Tiles

Rustic Red
Carbon Black
Golden Brown
Chocolate Brown
Charcoal Grey
Forest Green

Ramp Tiles
Ramp Corner
Ramp Straight
Suitable for applications where a ramped access is required to the area from adjacent walkways or stairs. Available in 500 x 500 mm in Carbon Black, Rustic Red, Forest Green, Charcoal Grey, Golden Brown and Chocolate Brown.

Castleflex Edge Trims

25 mm x 25 mm plastic edge trim is available for installation with our premium rubber tile range. Our edge trim helps stop debris getting under the tiles and improves the look of the edge where it can be seen. Available in White, Silver, Grey and Black in 1 metre lengths. Installed by simply sliding it under the tiles and bonding with adhesive.

Laying Castleflex Rubber Tiles

All Castleflex Rubber Tiles are porous. Make sure the supporting surface under the rubber tiles can drain excess water properly.
Apply edge glue in the same direction as the gutter or slope, the drainage must never be blocked off.

Cutting Tools:
Use the correct tools such as a level or straight edge, a course-toothed handsaw, a (slow speed) coarse-toothed jigsaw and a Stanley knife or similar cutting blade.
Press the straight-edge or level down on the section that you need.
Wet the cutting edge of the knife.
Saw/cut straight pieces to size with a handsaw, jigsaw or Stanley knife.
We recommend using a jigsaw for cutting out patterns.


Vacuum Cleaner
High pressure cleaner (do not use a dirt blaster nozzle).
Hand cleaning products (hard brush and soapsuds).

Attention: cleaning agents may be used provided they do not contain any corrosive materials.

Castleflex Tile Specification

Construction: Manufactured from recycled SBR rubber granules.

Slip Resistance: Dry:102 Wet:62 (Low Potential For Slip) As Per EN 1339:2003 Pendulum Tester

Insulation Value: Rd 0,15 EN 13165, U 3,13 EN6946

Water Permeability: 565mm per hour EN 12616

Fire Rating: Broof t1 as per BS EN 13501-5
Test Passed to Rating Efl as per EN 13501-1 (Product capable of resisting small flames)

Smoke Classification: S2 as per EN 13501-1

Weight: 30mm thick = 20.00 kg per m2

Colour: Due to the recycled nature of the product, colour may vary slightly from batch to batch. SBR rubber tiles contain carbon which may leach in certain areas.

Castleflex Premium Tiles are more than sufficient for use on flat roofs and balconies. However for those who would like something extra special we have Castleflex EPDM range.

Castleflex EPDM are also 500 x 500 x 30mm (interlocking) and are manufactured from virgin rubber only. As no recycled rubber is used within the EPDM range a wider choice of colour is available as well as our mixed colour options. The EPDM tile has a near identical drainage channel design as the Castleflex Premium Tiles.

As the EPDM option contains only virgin rubber they are a more expensive product but they do create a unique surface finish. They are also a more UV stable product and perform slightly better on flammability and smoke classification.

EPDM is an abbreviation of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. Our EPDM tiles have a top layer as per your colour choice. The remainder of the tile will also be EPDM rubber in black.

Mid Grey
Sunburst Fleck
Sea Blue
Grey Fleck

Castleflex EPDM Tile Specification

Construction: Manufactured from EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber granules.

Slip Resistance: Dry:102 Wet:62 (Low Potential For Slip) As Per EN 1339:2003 Pendulum Tester

Insulation Value: Rd 0,15 EN 13165, U 3,13 EN6946

Water Permeability: 565mm per hour EN 12616

Flammability: CFL Based on EN 13501

Smoke Classification: S1

Weight: 30mm thick = 20.00 kg per m2

Colour: EPDM rubber is colourfast and the PU binding agent is UV resistant. Nevertheless, tiles may change colour in time.

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