12 February 2019

New Adjustable Decking Cradle

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New for 2019 is this highly innovative adjustable decking cradle, which enables sub-constructions of terrace floors to be set at the right height quickly and easily.
The adjustable cradle can be adjusted up or down in height by means of an electric screwdriver with the correct bit, while the joists are already in place. This allows work to be completed much more quickly than when using supports that have to be manually adjusted to the correct height.

The adjustable cradle can be used in combination with the Aslon substructure system or with timber joists and ensures a huge time saving on assembly costs.
The adjustable cradle is made of fibreglass hardened plastic and consists of the following three elements:
– a base element with screw thread on the outside and a recess for inserting a construction beam;
– a ring that is screwed onto the base element;
– a gear with which the ring can be turned up or down.

The height adjustment of the ring on which the construction beam is placed is 14-50 mm. With an extension element of 40 mm, the adjustable floor support can be raised, allowing a large variety of height differences to be achieved easily. The extension elements can be placed on top of each other, in order for different heights to be achieved.
The adjustable cradles have a free space of 46 mm between the sides, the maximum width of the construction beams that can be used is 45mm which allows it to be used with traditional surfaced 2 inch timber joists.




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