23 October 2018

New Heavy Duty Plastic & Rubber Supports

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We have added two new paving supports to the range. Both of these support are in stock now for quick delivery.

Free Samples are available upon request

Heavy Duty 16mm Plastic Supports

The 16mm HD Support has a 176mm diameter base with a very strong lattice design. These supports can be used in areas that have higher than normal loads.
Load tested to 750kg
HD 2mm leveling discs are also available for areas with minor undulation or to adjust for minor paver thickness variation.
Supplied with pre positioned 3mm spacer lugs. 5mm spacer lugs can be added if required on special request.
As the HD 16mm supports are stackable to a height of three high, they can achieve a total height of 48mm.
When laying at edges and corners the supports can simply be broken into halves and quarters for easy installation.

Rubber 8mm Support

Our new 8mm rubber supports are designed for laying paving on flat roofs, balconies and terraces. When installed they support the pavers 8mm above the waterproofing, creating a free draining area.
The rubber composition of the support helps reduce the likelihood of damage to the waterproofing.
Supplied with integral 3mm spacer lugs. 5mm spacer lugs can be supplied for fitment on special request

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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