Rubber Support Pads

Pedestals & Supports

Size: 120mm ø x 9mm,

Flexible, high quality, synthetic rubber compound

Bearing Capacity: 8000kg


Rubber Paving Support Pads ensure a secure, fast, clean and uniform way to lay promenade slabs or decking on flat roofs, balconies and walkways. Rubber Paving Support Pads are specially designed circular pads manufactured from high quality synthetic rubber.

They are extremely tough and have a high level of elasticity and flexibility. On the upper surface they have four lugs to provide regular spacing between promenade slabs. The under surface incorporates grooves to allow the drainage of water below the paving into the appropriate drainage outlet. This avoids puddling on the paved surface.

Although the rubber support pads can not be stacked and have little facility for adjustment they are very thin at only 9mm. Meaning they are the pad to use when threshold levels are a problem.

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