Castile Checkerplate

GRC Promenade Tiles

Colour options: 13

Size: 297 x 297 x 12 mm

11 tiles per m2

Slip resistance: 52 Wet (Low Potential For Slip)

BS EN 1339 Pendulum Test

Fire Rating: Class A1


Checkerplate promenade tiles have been available for some years now and is chosen throughout the flat roofing industry when a durable, practical and high slip resistance surface is required. Checkerplate Promenade tiles are ideally suited for paving flat roofs, balconies, terraces and walkways when a low threshold and light weight product is required.

The 12mm think range of tiles are designed to be bonded to the substrate using our specially formulated PU adhesive. For more laying information please download the guide.

It is the combination of utilitarian surface finish , high slip resistance, durability and high strength synonymous with “Castile” tiles that make them highly popular with our customers.

The extensive range of colours available gives excellent scope to find just the right colour for your application and the unique edge detail reduces the unsightly steps between tiles when laying on a slightly uneven substrate.

Light Grey Checkerplate

Red Checkerplate

Light Grey Checkerplate

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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