Porcelain Tile Substructure

Pedestals & Supports

Size: 23mm and 40mm high

Free Layout Design Service


The ASLON Aluminium Substructure is now available with paving spacers allowing the aluminium system to be used with 20mm thick external porcelain tiles.

As this system is lightweight, restrains all tiles from movement and can be easily dismantled for access it is ideally suited to flat roofs, balconies and patio applications.

What materials do you need?
Simply contact us with your measurements, fall heights and decking board information. We will then provide a free design showing where each part goes with a list of quantities.

If you have a drawing of the area we can also add the system onto the drawing

Please email your information to sales@castlecomposites.co.uk

We currently offer two beam sizes at 23mm high and 40mm high. This means the system can be installed in areas where threshold height is an issue. Our system has an overall thickness from 53mm including supports, aluminium and 20mm porcelain tiles.

What materials do you need?
Simply contact us with your measurements and we will then calculate all the items required for installation.

ASLON Aluminium Beams

ASLON Aluminium Beams are always straight and provide a very light weight substructure for porcelain tiles. Installation can be on our Aslon Rubber Pads or our Adjustable Slope Correction Pedestals.

Always install the aluminium beams (substructure) in accordance with the installation manual to which reference is made by the manufacturer of the porcelain tiles.

Available Sizes
40 x 40 x 2400mm
35 x 23 x 2000mm

Porcelain Tile Spacer

Paving Spacers are used to give a 3mm spacing between tiles for drainage purposes. These spacers can be loosened to allow removal and replacement of tiles at any time without damage to the tiles or substructure

Start/End Fastener

Start/End Fasteners are used to secure the first and last tiles of the layout. Start/End Fasteners can also be used to joint beams together reducing the need for multi brackets


Couplers are available where aluminium beams need to be joined. Couplers are fixed using the same quick fit connection as the fastening clips keeping installation time to a minimum and ensuring a secure connection.

Installation On Rubber Pads

Installation on our Aslon rubber pads is quick and easy. Aslon rubber pads are 100 x 100 x 10mm in size and will protect the substrate below from damage as well as allowing for free drainage. When installing on Aslon Pads the decking will simply follow the existing fall of the roof. Please contact us if you have an area with multiple fall directions. Supports should be placed under the aluminium beams no more than 500mm apart for 43 x 40mm beams and 300mm for 35 x 23mm beams.

Installation on Pedestals

Installation on our adjustable supports allows for complete adjustment of the deck level. Using this system the decking can be installed level by adjusting the height of the supports to overcome the drainage falls of the roof. Our slope correction supports automatically adjust for the angle of drainage and fit perfectly to the aluminium beams.Supports should be placed under the aluminium beams no more than 500mm apart for 40 x 43 beams and 300mm for 35 x 23mm beams.

Multi Brackets

Multi Brackets can be used to attached the aluminium beams to almost any surface including timber, concrete and even existing pavers.

The Multi Bracket can also be used to connect aluminium beams together at 90 degree angles where required.

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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