Adjustable Pedestals – Standard Series

Pedestals & Supports

Size: 30–520mm


DD Adjustable Pedestal supports are designed for use with pavers and decking on flat roofs, balconies, and terraces.

DD Pedestals are the solution if you want a beautiful paved terrace that is free draining, compatible with waterproofing membranes, easy to install, and low cost.

More roof and balcony designs incorporate a completely flat upper surface to utilize them more effectively as leisure areas. Useful, practical areas can be created for leisure or services and maintenance, which would previously have been left as exposed waterproofing membranes.

Not only does this help protect potentially vulnerable areas, but it increases the yield of the building footprint.

DD Pedestals may be used for the smallest balcony projects, private garden terraces through to large terraces in the city, large industrial platforms or complicated projects for public spaces such as those which require strength and precision.

DD Pedestals are supplied as standard with a fixed head piece. If slope correction is required its simply a case of ordering some slope correction head pieces that clip on top securely and easily.

Adjustable pedestals are designed for use where the base or floor is irregular and must be levelled to a desired height. Using DD Pedestals in order to level areas with paving has never been so easy. DD Pedestals are functional, high quality and available at very competitive prices. The DD Pedestals System is one of the most innovative and functional systems for laying raised floors and can be used everywhere from under terrace paving, flat roofs and exhibition spaces, to pool surrounds or temporary floors.

DD Pedestals are characterised by having both very high strength and load capacity (1000 kg / pedestal) which allows for the installation of very heavy and complicated structures. Pedestals range from 30 – 220mm. Extra height can be achieved by adding additional 100mm couplers where heights above 220mm are required.

Wall Edge Accessories

Designed to fit to DD pedestals for use at the outer edge of layouts where the paving is butting up to a wall or parapet.
This edge fitting allows paving to be installed more securely at the perimeter of the paved area.
Reduces movement of the outer pavers and redeces the liklihood of paving tilting at the outer edges.

Facia Upstand Brackets

DD upper and lower edge brackets can be used to install 20mm porcelain tiles at edges and up stands. Please see the video below for more information on how to use these items.

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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