Rubber Tiles

Colour options: 5

Size: 500 x 500 x 30mm

Slip resistance: Dry: 102 Wet: 62 (Low Potential For Slip), BS EN 7976 & EN1339 Annex 1

Porosity: 565mm per hour EN 12616

Fire Rating: Efl as per EN 13501-1 & Broof(t1) as per EN13501-1

Smoke Classification: S2 as per EN 13501-1

Insulation Value: Rd 0,15 EN 13165, U 3,13 EN 6946

Castleflex Rubber Balcony Promenade Tiles

Castleflex Rubber Balcony Promenade tiles are manufactured from recycled SBR. Castleflex tiles can be used on balconies, flat roofs, walkways and many other applications.

Castleflex tiles are supplied with interlocking pins for laying. When the tiles are laid in a brick bond formation with the interlocking pins they form a large mat meaning they only need to be adhered to the surface around the outside edges where an up stand does not exist. This reduces adhesive requirements but still allows easy inspection of the surface underneath if required.

Castleflex are manufactured with drainage channels on the underside to allow for water movement. This combined with the porous composition of the tile provides excellent drainage on a flat roof or balcony.

Charcoal Grey Rubber Tiles

Forest Green Rubber Tiles

Charcoal Grey Rubber Tiles

Charcoal Grey Rubber Tiles

Forest Green Rubber Tiles

Rustic Red Rubber Tiles

Carbon Black Rubber Tiles

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