ASLON Rubber Support Pads

Pedestals & Supports

Colour options: 1

Size: 100x100x10mm, 200x200x10mm, 3mm X Spacer

Recycled SBR Rubber

Excellent Edge Restraint

Low Noise Transfer


ASLON Paving Support Pads are a versatile low-cost option for supporting paving on flat roofs and balconies. Manufactured from recycled rubber granulate they are also one of the very few environmentally friendly options available.

ASLON support pads also have the unique facility to be able to interlock slabs together but not to the waterproofing to provide additional stability at open edges and areas affected by high wind uplift.

Edging the layout when using ALSON pads is also straightforward and helps to prevent wind uplift and debris from getting under the layout.

At only 10mm thick ASLON pads are ideal for areas that have low threshold issues. Used with our 300 x 300 Promenade Slabs they give an overall thickness of only 30mm.

Size: 100x100x10mm or 200x200x10mm
Other sizes are available in special order.

ASLON Support Pads

Guide to Laying Castle Promenade Slabs with Sikaflex on Aslon Paving Support Pads is available for download. This method will ensure that slabs are held in position when no edge restraint is available from upstands, walls, balustrades or the like.

With this method you can only lay Slabs following the profile of the roof. To adjust for drainage falls or irregularities in the substrate see our range of adjustable pedestals

Slabs at the outer edge of the layout can be bonded to the aslon supports to create edge restraint and reduce movement

Please download the guide to laying for the full instructions on this method.

When installing with our 6000×600 porcelain tiles we recommend using our 200×200 pads.

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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