Raptor Decking Supports & Pedestals

Size: 15-245mm


Raptor Decking pedestals are specially designed for use with decking joists and beams. This low cost decking pedestal allows the decking joists to be raised and levelled as required. These unique pedestals are 100% designed for the decking industry.

Decking pedestals should not only be durable but also resistant to external weather conditions. Installation of pedestals should also be as easy as possible. This is important especially when installation is completed by a DIY user. Many years of experience lead us to create the Raptor decking pedestal series.

The Raptor decking support allows users to accurately adjust the decking height and slope at minimal cost and labour time.

All Raptor decking pedestals have technical openings that allows rainwater flow.

Suitable for use with timber, aluminium and composite joists.

Tested up to 1000kg per pedestal.


Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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