1 November 2017

GRC Slabs & Rubber Supports


Ramparts Apartments, Dublin

The contractor for the works at Ramparts Apartments in Dublin approached us with a list of issues they were having finding a suitable paving system for the roof terrace areas.

The main issues were a fairly tight restriction on the weight allowed per m2 on the roofs for paving, large overlaps in the waterproofing membrane and low threshold heights due to the doors accessing the roof terraces.

The solution was to use our 300 x 300 x 20mm glass fibre reinforced promenade slabs on recycled rubber supports. The 20mm thick GRC slabs are very light weight at only 44kg per square meter. Although light weight they are very strong due to the high strength concrete mix combined with glass fibre strand we use in our production. This high strength mix results in a light weight paver that can be supported only at the corners with rubber or plastic supports and pedestals.

For Ramparts Apartments our 100x100x10mm rubber pads were chosen as the supporting method for the slabs. These were used along with 3mm rubber shims to adjust for the large overlaps in the waterproofing. The rubber pad also offers the option to bond the slabs to the supports around the outer edges of the terrace to create restraint and stop the outer slabs moving over time. This was a particular concern for this project and was one of the key factors in choosing the recycled rubber supports.

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