Castile Tactile

GRC Promenade Tiles

Colour options: 4

Size: 297 x 297 x 12 mm


The Disability Discrimination Act places an obligation on the service providers to ensure that their service to the disabled is amenable and acceptable.

One particular area for concern is the safety of visually impaired persons and it is a requirement to provide warning to the visually impaired in certain areas where they need to proceed with caution.

This warning should take the form of Corduroy Tactile surfaces in places such as at the top and bottom of stairs and steps, the foot of a ramp to an on street LRT platform, level crossings etc.

In considering the roofing industry in particular we have recognised that this requirement could have far reaching consequences on flat roofs and balconies, and we have therefore developed a Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Corduroy Tactile Tile which fits to the 300 x 300 grid pattern of standard GRC Promenade Tiles.

This development will allow you to comply with the requirement for tactile surfaces in areas where promenade tiles are to be fitted or, with the minimum of cutting and breaking out, even in areas which already have promenade tiles fitted.

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