CastlePave Checkerplate

GRC Promenade Slabs

Colour options: 13

Size: 2 size options

Slip resistance: 52 Wet (Low Potential For Slip)

Fire Rating: Class A1

Technical Information

297 x 297 x 20mm
Weight: 4.0kg

445 x 445 x 38mm
Weight: 16kg
BS EN 1339 Marking: AIKPU4


Checkerplate Promenade Slabs have been specially designed to be used with pedestals and supports on balconies, flat roofs, walkways and terraces. This system gives the freedom of being able to remove the Promenade Slabs for inspection, services, repairs easily without damage to the paving or the waterproofing below.

As the Castlepave range is made from high strength glass fibre reinforced concrete they do not require any central supports or pedestals.

All 450x450x38mm GRC Slabs have a notch on the side wall to accommodate the support/pedestal lugs and keep gaps between each slab to a minimum. 450x450x38mm promenade slabs are also tested in accordance with EN 1339 and provide excellent slip resistance test results.

The 300 x 300mm range of Promenade Slabs are particularly suited to applications where low threshold level or low weight is required.

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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