CastlePave Riven

GRC Promenade Slabs

Colour options: 12

Size: 2 size options

Slip resistance: 42 WET Pendulum Slip Test

Fire Rating: Class A1

See below for technical information

Technical Information

294 x 294 x 22mm
Weight: 4.2kg
Slip Resistance: 42 Wet (Low Potential For Slip)

445 x 445 x 38mm
Weight: 16kg
Slip Resistance: 58 Wet (Low Potential For Slip)
BS EN 1339 Marking: AIKPU4


Castlepave Riven Promenade Slabs are manufactured and designed for use on supports and pedestals. Commonly used on flat roof, balcony and roof terrace applications they provide a level, attractive and free draining paved surface.

All 450x450x38mm riven slabs have a notch on the side wall to accommodate the pedestal/support lugs and keep gapos between slabs to a minimum.

Castlepave Riven finish is an excellent example of the texture, warmth and practicality of natural stone combining with the durability and strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete to produce a product which gives the very best attributes of both worlds.

The use of numerous mould finishes means that the repetitive nature of some products is avoided, giving a more natural appearance.

The colours available in the Riven finish have been carefully selected to replicate natural stone colours and the wide choice gives the facility to match adjacent colour schemes.

This system also gives the freedom of being able to remove the pavers for inspection, services, repairs and many other reasons for wishing to remove the pavers during their lifetime.

Products available on NBS Plus and National BIM Library

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